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IRIS-TCGA is an online web service for searching, retrieving and integrating genomic data. The service is completely written in PHP and jQuery and has a simple user interface with which the user can select and filter information he wants to extract from TCGA - The Cancer Genome Atlas. The system supports two simple integration operations on available genomic data and/or on patients of the previously selected disease: intersaction and union. If these operations will be applied to two or more genomic data sets, the intersection operation provides as output an integrated data set composed by only the genes which the data sets have in common; the union operation extracts all the genes setting the values of non-common genes of a data set to zero. Otherwise, if these operations will be applied to patients affected by the previously selected disease, the output will be an integrated data set with all genes for the patients that were performed the experiments corresponding to the two or more selected genomic data sets.

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