An intuitive interface to

Filter, Extract, and Convert

genomic experiments and clinical data from
the Genomic Data Commons portal


GDC WebApp is also available as a Galaxy asynchronous data source on the official Galaxy Tool Shed
For more information on how to use GDCWebApp as a Galaxy Data Source visit the official GitHub repository
Last update: July 10, 2017


Apply rules on clinical data to filter out what kind of experiments you need to extract.


Select one or more experiments to download. The system will release you a key to monitor the download progress.


Convert all GDC data to a more comprehensive and manageable BED, GTF, CSV, or JSON data structure.

Job Monitoring

If you have submitted a job and want to see its progress
put the monitoring key in the following field

Job Reproducibility

If you want to reproduce a job
select and submit the related job XML schema

More about GDC WebApp.

GDC WebApp is a web service for the automatic extraction and conversion of genomic and clinical data from the Genomic Data Commons portal. It is possible to filter out the experiments that respect some user defined rules on clinical and biospecimen information. After submitting a request, the system will provides you a key that can be used to monitor the progress of the submitted job at any time. Once the job will be completed, you will be able to download the requested data already converted in BED, GTF, CSV, or JSON format.

Every job has seven days life.